Agnes Interviews Bruce – Particular Individual, Neville G & Manifesting Ideas

On this YouTube Agnes Interviews Bruce from Australia, he talks about how he imagined his particular individual, he offers some nice suggestions for manifesting and likewise talks about Neville Goddard.
Meditation for you Particular Individual utilizing ALL the Senses

Neville Goddard’s Managed Vivid Creativeness for Manifesting a Journey

Florence Scovel Shinn – The Sport of Life E book

BlogTalk Radio Interview – Agnes disscusses What do you really need?–annette-mccoy-agnes-vivarelli

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    When I was in grade school 6th grade, after watching the movie Matilda my teacher would experiment with the whole class our focus and concentration. She would tell the class to sit still in their desks and don't get distracted by laughing, and then she would proceed to break our focus by making silly faces, banging pots, etc. I remember it was only me and some other person who pass the test, after 1 hour of this. I do have power of focus in me (everyone's else does as well) its just rediscovering and harnessing the power again.

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    This was freaking helpful especially the practice for visualising things😍 thank you Bruce and thanks agnes for giving him a platform!
    Lots of looove💙

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    Hey Agnes!
    Hello and Namaste / 😀
    Your channel has given me a ray of hope for my situation. So the situation is that: I like a guy but he is dating…..and I really wana make him fall in love with me and be in a beautiful romantic relationship with Him. We are friends we talk sometimes. He told me that since we are of different religion his parents won't accept me and so he is dating a girl of his religion now. Please tell me what to do and how to go about it.

    Thank you.

    Have a lovely day ahead Ma'am! 😀

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    Agnes, my question to you is that can you manifest someone who has said NO to you? We had a terrible fight and he blocked me from social media and we are not communicating anymore. I have started doing the self love meditations and I am feeling better and learning to value myself. I'm living from the end but I haven't seen any results so far. Where am I going wrong?

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    I have been feeling a lot of doubt about my manifestation with my SP. how do I get rid of it? This always happens during my manifestations. Is it just darkness before the dawn?

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    I recently manifested running into my SP. I was walking to a cafe where I usually go and a thought came to me that I could see him there. I went in for my coffee and didn't see him and forgot about it. Later in the afternoon I went back to meet my cousin, went in, sat on a table and for some reason turned to the right and saw hin sitting at a table next to mine. I couldn't believe it! And funny thing is when I walked in I didn't see him at all and he was in front of me. That had me thinking how sometimes things are in front of us and we don't see them because we are not expecting it or looking for it. I got very nervous but calmed myself down and thought "treat him as though he loves you" so I called out his name and he was very surprised, he hadn't seen me walking in either. He came to my table and we talked for a while, the energy was great. He calls me "squirrel" in spanish and he mentioned it so I told him I had taken some selfies on a trip and showed him a picture of a squirrel. We had a good laugh!
    This manifestation left me woth a very good feeling knowing that I am powerful and things are moving at their own speed and it is perfect.

    Also a few days ago, practicing small manifestations I said I want to hear somenone say the words Ardilla (Squirrel in spanish) and last night I was watching a surgery show, totally random and the lady talking about her problem said Now I look like a "ardilla". I froze and started laughing so hard!!! I love manifesting!

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    Great interview, very helpful, Agnes I find your analogies so helpful. I think that’s what really snaps things into focus. I love listening to you. What you have to share I find very soothing when the frustration, fear and/or doubt creep in.

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    Bruce has by far been my favorite interview. I love how he explains his tips and introduces different techniques that worked for him 🙌🏼🙌🏼

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    Really needed to hear a lot of this.. so thank you both and I’m going to try the revision Bruce talked about. I do have a question that’s kind of getting to me lately. I joined a Neville group with Josiah Brandt after Agnes posted one of his Neville videos and I love it as we are doing manifesting exercises and a lot is happening more rapidly. I also watched one of Dr. Lens interviews that Agnes posted. If everyone is you pushed out and shows up as a mirror so to speak.. as a psychologist I started thinking does that mean all my clients are pieces of me? And if so then do I have all these issues I need to resolve all the time? Or am I overthinking this part of Neville’s teachings? I have parts of my life I want to improve but overall I’m much happier in the past year since following Agnes and Neville and can see things manifesting as I do my own mental work.

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